Friday, April 28, 2006

Random new painting!

does anyone like the new pic i painted?? my bro had a space on his wall that needed filling! i made an attempt with this thing..looks alright at a distance hehe!

and another thing, oh yes thats right its the weeeeeekend!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Feedback Please?

do u ever give advice out no problem and see things so clearly when the issues arent your own. whats with that eh? if we could only take a step back and take our own advice..
the reason for this random rambling is because all of a sudden i'm faced with a dilema i never before saw as a problem..
will i go to new zealand in january or will i continue to save and put that towards my future and a house??
just one day last week it hit me, i'll come home from being away for a few months, and b skint with no future ahead of me. i'm 26 surely i should be working towards a better life, these thoughts are soo foreign to me, i'm such a drifter!
i knoooow if it was someone else asking me i'd say go go go...worry about all the responsibilities later, but i just cant shake the fact it could set me back a lot..
i know the decision is mine, and at the end of the day, y'all can tell me whats best, but it not gonna help!!
i'll prob regret it no matter what i do ha..altho regret a trip to NZ, maybe not!!
is my mind made up just after typing this hmmmm i dont know..
answers on a postcard pls
kaz *mood (bewildered and confused)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

prizes at stake here, who can guess??

ok guys.
here's two wedding invitations, one is a bought job, and one we made for a friends who can guess which one is which, and which one do you like the best??
sorry for the pic quality hehe!

ps there isn't really any prizes!
well maybe a wee choc easter egg if u come visit me!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Bitchin' gets u in trouble!

ok so i got caught out...
in work on friday i was moanin' about this girl, always lookin for leave approved on a friday, sayin' she needs to "take her chile" to the docs...when i was managin' i remember her askin' me to authorise it, and i didn't, i mean seriously who always needs to go to the docs on a friday afternoon!
now maybe i'm bein' a bit harsh, but the girl is vile, millie of the highest degree, cheeky and brash, and i just dont believe her when she's lookin' 4 leave!
so some brussell sprout told her i'd been moanin' and she confronted me today..
i was only half listenin' summit about "i dont appreciate you sayin' stuff behind me back, at the end of the day if my chile is sick i have te take it to the docs" blah blah...i couldn't very well b cheeky back, cos i was in wrong, talkin' behind her back...but i didn't apologise, cos i wouldn't have meant it, i just said, it was just in jest, dont worry about it. still thats the end of her talkin' to me! damn i say, what a pitty, a millie has been struck off my friend list!!
roll on the day i get outta that place..cant cope with it anymore!
had an aptitude test 2day 4 a job, fingers crossed, i pray i at least get an interview...i never have high hopes about these things, saves on the disappointment later!
anywho i'm outta here

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

101...ish things to do before you are old and boring!

so i got this book on ebay "101 things to do before you're old and boring"...
makes for an interesting read, so i thought i would share the majority of them with u. u gotta tell me what you have done, and what you'd really like to do, i'll maybe try and do a top 10 for me a lot of typin' lies ahead of me, so i'll give the pub quiz a miss 2nite!
i'll leave the dodgy ones out i.e the ones for the children..some are simple, some not quite so:

- send a message in a bottle
- run up an escalator the wrong way
- make an origami crane
- learn how to tell when someone fancies you (and when they dont)
- keep a dream diary (write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, b4 you forget)
- touch these creatures: mice/rats, butterfly/moth, worm, bird, spider, snake, frog, fish, some sort of bug!
- prepare yourself for fame
- learn to play an instrument
- play a computer game to the end
- have an embarrassing moment and get over it
- paint a picture good enough to hang on the wall
- learn to whistle, with and without fingers, click fingers, armpit fart, k thats enough of those
- see a ghost eek
- fart and burp
- make a swear box
- act in a play
- win something
- make a t-shirt
- stay up all night
- sleep all day
- invent a secret code
- learn to do a card trick
- grow something from a seed
- start a collection
- help save the planet
- turn back time (turn all the clocks back in the house)
- learn to so a party trick
- climb to the top of a mountain
- make a one minute movie
- host a party
- visit: a safari park, a carnival, a castle, a theme park, a farm, an aquarium, the countryside, another country (think we're all sorted there), your capital city (eh again no worries)
- learn to bake a cake, (u guys to)
- learn how to ask someone out (and dump them)..bit childish!
- start your own blog (think i have that one covered)
- write lyrics for a song
- make a time capsule
- be a genius
- take care of an animal
- april fool someone
- do something charitable
- teach your grandparents something new
- invent a new game
- go as fast as you can??
- the next one is watch these fims..and then there's about 500 of them, i'll have to pass on typin' them all out, typing this already is quite sad enough!
- likewise for read these books...sorry!
- pretend to be ill convincingly
- learn to swim
- succeed at something you are bad at
- be a daredevil
- invent a new trend
- know who your friends are
- plant a tree
- start a band
- camp out in the back garden..hhmmmm
- learn to live without something you love for a week
- join a club
- learn to juggle
- have a snowball fight
- build the ultimate sandcastle
- take part in a tv show
- make a scene in a public place
- spend christmas in another country
- do something nice without being asked
- watch a tadpole grow into a frog
- make your own grettings cards
- hold a jumble sale
- build an igloo
- research your family tree
- learn to skim stones
- dye your hair
- write a story and get it published
- sing in front of an audience
- blame someone else
- learn to stick up for youself
- get from A - B using a map
- send a valentines card
- build your own website
- see your name in print
- make a unique milkshake, should change that to alcoholic cocktail!
- glue coins to the floor hahaha now that one makes me laugh!
- be veggie for a week
- meet someone famous

phew...think that'll have to do, as i said some are silly, but still makes you think doesn't it, bet we havent done half of the silly and childish things!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hen Night

Well hello again.
so the hen night is over...phew all i can say is, thank the lord i'm off today! My deepest sympathy for jen and jennifer who are in work today..
i had a great time, and the 67 photo's that were taken prove that..
a select few for you below..


You Have A Type B+ Personality


You're a pro at going with the flow
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
You're passionate - just selective about your passions