Monday, February 09, 2009


Hi there,

So here's the update on my knee situation.
I went to Physio today, nice wee place and the guy was pretty cool and helpful. So down to the nitty gritty, it appears to be my old knee cap, it's rolling around too much, because of kind of degeneration, doesn't that sound lovely!! Well what he did was give me a wee massage, some electrolysis and then some laser treatment. Then he strapped my knee up, which is great for keeping it all in place. He then gave me some exercises to do to build up strength, and I have to do literally hundreds of them a day to ensure I strengthen everything up.
I was planning on running today, but he told me not to, and go for my next run on Wednesday, and if the strap is still on my knee by then to keep it there. He's then going to phone me on thursday and see how it went.
Sooo the jist of it all is it's fixable, I just have to always do my exercises and keep the faith :) I'm really glad I went now, because I didn't have a clue what to do, I wouldn't have known I had a slack knee joint. If I hadn't have went it just would have gotten worse the more I upped my miles, more and more agrrevation and inflammation..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nike Negative...

well now the knee story continues...

So I finished work at 2pm today, and decided to go straight to Newry to see my friend that works in the Up and Running store there. In the store they film you running on a tredmill to try and determine if you have a neutral, moderate or some other word for a serious slant off to the side.. Well, I trotted on and ran, trying to talk about any old random crap to keep me from concentrating on a proper running style as I wanted a true visual of my normal form. Turns out i'm pretty much ok, maybe a very slight bit on the moderate side. So I tried on some trainers, and I must say the support they gave me felt pretty good. Can't say i've heard of the make "Brooks", but that's probably because i'm not a pro runner, ha and probably never will be! I got Sinead to try on my Nike Plus trainers and she was very vocal about how "shit" they were, she said there was just no support, and the fact that the Nike plus chip was on the side my knee was bad was interesting.. Actually if you rub inside the trainers you can feel the hard plastic chip. Ordinarily I'd say, ha she's just trying to flog me stuff they sell. But as I know she's not going to bullshit me, and anyway I could clearly feel the support difference myself.
So guess who bought another pair of trainers.... XD eek, I feel positive about this step though. we also talking about exercises I should be doing, I definitely need to be incorporating more gym work in my schedule. After Newry I headed to the gym and concentrating on working on my quads, and general leg muscles, strengthen those up and i'm sure my knee will be supported much more.
So going forward I hope my knee gets stronger and I can get back into the proper swing of things soon :)

*Tina, image me turning my back on Nike plus, damn, how will I measure my mileage now, in a car...!*
I'm still going to use them at the gym for muscle work though, I hear you should have two pairs of trainers anyway... sounds like a money making scam to me ...

Monday, February 02, 2009


Not in the best of form today, I'm tired and grumpy because my knee is giving me jip!
I did my scheduled 7 mile run yesterday, it went pretty well, I only had a slight twinge in my knee... I was helped along by the aid of some new tunes (thanks Tina) and I also had a new new strap for support.
Today is a different matter though, i'm hobbling about work like an old lady, and i'm not impressed. I really don't know what to do now, i hope to God this isn't going to get any worse, and that the Marathon isn't going to happen :(
My 3 miler today is optional, so it's probably best i don't do it, or perhaps i could go for a swim instead, I guess i'll just have to see how it goes...
Bit of a downer, but I'll have to just power on, and hope things get better... A week off would be great right now, i've so much to do and no time to do it. I have lots of work for photography to do tonight, and i'm definitely going to knuckle down and get it sorted...

Thats all for now.