Monday, May 29, 2006

Rules of Life

Hey, some fun ramblings i came across...

A male car driver will never fasten or unfasten his seatbelt while the engine is turned off.

If England win the world cup this summer, people have to remember its just a heavily sponsered sports event and not the return of Admiral Nelson, victory at El Alamain, the climbing of Everest and the return of the British Empire and all the other stuff that British people use to remind themsleves they were once an important nation. It's just sport, so learn to accept this

The phrase "people either love him or hate him" invariably means that most people think he is a complete cunt ... AND ... he attended public school

Pot noodles aren't sexy, bad, posh or sleazy. They are merely shit.

Don't shit on your own doorstep. Unless it's made of porcelain

The quality of music coming out of a car is inversely proportional to the volume at which said music is being played.

It always seems more tragic when the murdered person featured on the news is pretty.

Any girls who dot their 'i''s with hearts or circles get knocked up at least twice by the age of 16.

MEN: to a woman, NOTHING sounds better than the immortal words 'have you lost weight?'

It's not what you know, but who you're sleeping with

No woman is ever happy until she finds a man who will make her truly miserable.

By 2007 the Sugababes will be completely white.

Blue drink = cunt.

Really attractive women will perceive any act of kindness from a man as a definite act of manipulation. There is no exception to this rule, because she is correct.

Too many cocks spoil the breath

If it wasn't for the hairs on a gooseberry it would be a grape.

k that'll do
kaz x

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Wedding

Hey again,

soo yet another wedding, my brothers this time...
had a great day tired with red raw feet, but it was worth it.
have some pics for you here, no actual full length ones of my dress..
blame brother owen, he was in charge of the camera hehe

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well hello again,
so it was bonjovi time...went down to dublin yesterday to see them at croke park...great show. we were pretty far back, and I now realise i cant stand in the one position for a long time without gettin' major back pain, its happened to me once before, its horrible even laughing was a problem, anywho, a good time was had, and the weather was great, compared to to day what depression.
well here are some pics for ya, i would like to say i was this close, but these are pics off the big screen...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Alison's Wedding

Hey y'all its been a while eh?

so it was ali's wedding on saturaday, what an amazing day, loved every minute. i'm just sorry i have no pics for u to put up here. scandalous i know i actually didn't have my camera....everything is a hassle when u r a bridesmaid, nowhere to put anything!! hopefully i can steal some from someone else.
my dress was a rasberry colour, looked lovely in the sun. only problem was it kept coming down a bit at the back, and revealed my bra, so much so that the photographer actually look a pic of it...he was amazing actually, took lots of natural and some funny pics, cant wait to see those.
well its monday and i called in sick, because i was literally too tired to go in not like me, but its been a busy weekend.
went to see Take That last night, they put on a fantastic show, including flames lots of water, and a hologram of robbie...CRACKER!
well thats enought for now,
behave, have a good week,

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Time To Update Again!

Well hello,

so i got a make up trial done for the up and coming weddings this month, thought i'd post a pic and c if u guys think its a good job hehe..
not much lipstick left, but i think my eyes look better.