Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Well hasn't it been a while..

Hey there,

It really has been a long time since I posted some random thoughts. So what have I been up to in the last few weeks I hear you cry. Well I have moved up to Belfast and am loving it already. My house mates are great and I can get into work in 10mins max, can't beat that with a big stick!
It's really starting to feel like my home now, my bed is nice and big and cosy ;)...and there has been no sheep head's placed on my pillow (just for you Neil)

I'm really tired today though..Need to start going to bed earlier but its hard to do when your in a new place.

I've been really lucky and got some gifts from Jill and Marie in work, lots of towels and wine glasses..

So what else, probably have to keep an eye on my money a lot in the next few months as there is a few trips coming up. That being said, I'm meeting Jen tonight for coffee, out for a bite to eat thurs and Fri and then I'm sure there will be Saturday shenanigans in town...ahh the life of a city dweller ;)


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blonde or Brunette

Ok I hate my hair right now..

Will I get blonde highlights or more brown?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Photography yet again...

Hi guys,

Just took advantage of my mum having a crazy looking window display and photographed it.
I bought about 8 mini canvas' and stuck 4 photo's on some of them, anyone like? So I also have a spare 4 canvas' might paint on them, but fear I make a hash, any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No Alcohol This Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hi everyone,

Well I've been feeling pretty knackered as I've got my yearly glandular issues, I can fight it though thats not the problem.
I woke up this morning and when i was brushing my teeth and found a bump in my gum. I got a bit worried and a booked a doctors app. There isn't really any pain at the moment but I think that is still to come as I appear to have found this at the earlier stages. The doctor seems to think is an absess on the bone, doesn't that sound lovely? He prescribed two sets of antibiotics which apparently that mixture in itself will make me feel a bit ill. Then he said I have to steer clear of alcohol as that will definitely make me barf..
Certainly is bad timing as Caroline is home this weekend and we are due to hit the town Friday night, and then a wine night is always a dead cert when she's home. Sooo thats put a bit of a dampner on things..Ahh well things could be worse, I could be off on hols tomorrow or something.
So I have a dentists app. next week to get this thing looked at, I reckon the woman who took my wisdom tooth out recently made a horrlicks and thats why this has come about!..
Anyway just thought I'd share my never ending mouth issues once again with you the avid reader..
This however is nothing compared to Tina's injuries, big shout out to the real invalid, she's broken her hand and eh her ass..Keep smiling chica!

Take care

Ps Look at Jt below again he's HOTT