Monday, January 26, 2009

Marathon Training

Well good morning to you,

Tina pointed out to me the other day that I should start blogging about my marathon training, so here I am ready to document it.
It will actually be quite nice to look back and see how I have hopefully progressed.
So I am sticking to my training plan pretty well at the moment, it's certainly not been easy, but I am extremely determined to "keep 'er lit". Yesterday I did the most miles I have ever done, ok so it's a far cry off the 26 miles, but 7 isn't to shabby, is it? It was hard work, as I was running on a steady incline, and I possibly left a bit too early after lunch (close to a wee barf) but I'm happy with how its going. Sponsorship has also been going great so far as well, so I'd like to thank anyone that has sponsored me (if you are reading this that is) justgiving
No training planed today, a nice wee rest day, which is great as I'm getting the old knee twinges, this surely isn't good for me, but I actually feel pretty good health wise at the moment. I'm starving all the time, and I feel brighter, perhaps that's the lack of vino consumption ;)

So in other news, I just got a new camera bag, it lays everything out really well, and keeps things tidy, I also got a lens cleaner pen. So I've cleaned all my lens' and bodies, and packed them away nicely, I am now itching to get out and use it all again. It's been far too long since my last photoshoot, which I am very disappointed about. Work, training, sickness all getting in the way!
I have now reduced my hours in work slightly, so there will be no excuse come a few weeks when it all goes live!

So lots of things ahead for Kaz in 2009, positive attitude is definitely activated!

K x


Neil J M said...

Time for a website spruce-up, methinks...


kaz said...

perhaps my friend, perhaps.
I need more pics, a clean out is defo required, get some good stuff up ;)