Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Pornography thoughts.

I just changed the title bar of my blog, and thought i'd share with you the typo that I quickly fixed.
I had the image place at the top with the following text written on it "Random Thoughts I Happen to Come with"! Phew close call!


Tina said...


Kaz said...

Haha tis a bit funny though, are u glad to see me back on the blogosphere ;)

Neil J M said...

Great new skin missy, I'm deploying my own over the weekend like I've been threatening to do for ages! I nearly choked on my coffee when the title of this post came up in Google Reader. :)


Kaz said...

fank ooo, i'm sure yours will involve a bit of talent though haha.
Yeah I'm glad I made you chuckle.
Can't wait to see your new one :)


Neil J M said...

Going back to your original post: what are you doing with your hand in that picture?! ;)


Kaz said...

quite obviously tampering with myself ;)